Writing and Laughing

Good afternoon peeps!

It’s been quite the week of keeping myself on schedule. 9 out of 10 times a schedule just doesn’t work for me. As long as I say, “Today I do x, y, z then it’ll be fine.” The trick is the juggling and having an online life can make that challenging. No matter! I have managed to write something every day so far. Even yesterday when I felt like doing nothing, I did maybe 20 words. Then I refocussed later on and added some useful information to scenes that I needed to beef up. Agnus is shaping into glory!

Here’s an excerpt from a random location in the book. Keep in mind I’m in the second draft… Try not to panic.. My betas will do the panicking for me XD *cackles maniacally*

“Marching towards the battlefield the trolls seemed oblivious to their army’s advancement. It wasn’t until a stray boulder over their heads that creatures paid attention to the ‘army’. The translator walked forwards on his own, gritting his teeth at the thought of what was about to occur.

What followed next was a string of gibberish to everyone, except to the intended recipients. The trolls looked around to each other not quite knowing what to do or why there were people with knocked bows, and other weapons drawn. Between the group of trolls, some scratched their heads, some gestured wildly at the army, and one tossed their boulder up in the air. One of his buddies began to say something to him, allowing for the boulder to drop on his head. That one troll roared in hysterics. After the first troll got up, he proceeded to slug his friend, knocking him off his feet.”

So that is a bit out of Agnus the Beast. I’m excited with all the things about it. I feel oddly accomplished. This novel literally came out of nothing but a character I played in D&D. Now it’s shaping up to be great fun – having almost NOTHING to do with the actual campaign shenanigans. (Did I spell that right? WOO!)

Secondly, I’m still waiting for the response to my article. I’m excited nonetheless. I keep checking my email a million times a day. Yep. Excited. I just want to knowwwwww.

Thirdly! As usual, Jenna Moreci posted her weekly video. To carry forward from the top 10 worst traits of female character, she did the top 10 worst traits of male characters. It’s quite amusing. You can watch it here.

That’s all for now. Until next time peeps!




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