Good Morning Peeps!

This morning a dear friend of mine shared a twitter post on his facebook page. It was a screenshot from the game “Tetris.” One picture like that sets my brain in motion and this is the primary reason to use it as today’s title and inspiration. Though, Tetris is merely the beginning… It led me to the twitter account called “Addicted2Success” and remember previously I mentioned that life will push you in the right direction? Let me explain…


On the website of Addicted2Success, I began reading the content. This is often a routine for me, I look at what people post to get a sense of the sort of information provided. So, let me tell you that it was rather revealing to come across one article about creating more success this year.

So, I want to dial back for a second to being self employed again. Our fearless leader told us to always have a goal list. Strangely I felt this was a bit of a useless endeavor. Sure the pictures of pretty houses are cars are fun to look at but that’s all they are – things to look at from afar. But everyone has dreams… The common question is why is it that some make it and some don’t?

Back to the article… It tells you the 3 steps to creating more success for yourself and it makes complete sense. Right now I’m just going to put the three steps but read the article for an explanation. (It’s linked just below the list.)

The three steps are:

  1. Learn from the past
  2. Ask the right question
  3. Develop the schedule

Genius. If you want to know more about it, read the article! It’s not very long and might help you realize what you want to do about your own goals.

In the same vein of reaching goals, I have been working on a book that goes over different Careers in Video Gaming. I still have the cover letter/resume section to complete and evidently, I’m already at 85,000 words. Excuse me while I go into internet laziness to say “WUT?!” When I’m done including everything I’ll, of course, edit the thing. Most of it is fact based in that there are statistics on gaming, a couple of example stories, links to interviews with big name people in eSports, etc.. The book is almost done and I have been writing this for maybe a month. A MONTH. /me dies

That is amazing! I didn’t really think that outside of Nano it was possible! I guess when you write what you love, it all comes together. Hawt damn!

Anyways, that’s where I shall leave you today. I hope you have a great week!

Until next time.


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