Good morning peeps and OMG I can’t contain my excitement right now!

Things are happening!

So about a month ago I was wracking my brain to come up with a submission to a magazine. I did a shitty job on the initial pitch (this is a great way to kick a person into high gear. I failed. I fixed it. I’m now overjoyed. Valuable lesson!) But the editor was amazing and asked me to refine the pitch. After that was complete I spent the next couple of days writing the article.

After I submitted, the editor sent me an email back and alluded to editing the submission later that week.

Then there was the cricket swarm of doom. I was sitting in my chair every day for about two weeks checking my email. Was it good enough? Did I fail horribly? Should I email and ask if there are suggestions for improvement assuming that it was terrible? I was terrified that I didn’t do well – And let me just say that this is not a normal thing for me. Often I do something and then move to the next thing. The verdict will come anyways, so you might as well keep pushing forwards.

After blinding myself with fear for a couple weeks, I set out to write another novel. This one is the Gaming book I’ve mentioned in passing. It’s at 84k words and it’s not complete yet however, once I’m all settled in the new place I’ll finish it 😀

Because of the moving, packing, school, applying for work, and a zillion webinars, I almost entirely forgot about the submission. Yes. This is how I roll. I make myself busy by throwing myself into things in efforts to keep sane.

Yesterday, I was packing and moving stuff with the help of my mom and a couple amazing friends. We didn’t finish the whole thing in one day just because I wasn’t fully packed (understandably so. It’s been a weird ass month of breakdowns, writing, and crazy things). I felt defeated many times throughout the day and all of the helpers kept me at least moving forwards. It was getting to a point where I was just generally upset but I kept that as muted as possible. All helpers know me very well and can tell when I’m sliding.

After only getting about half the stuff, the trailer having flat tires, and sidetracks, I opted to stay at my mom’s for the night.

Once I settled in, sore, tired, frustrated that things didn’t go as planned, I hooked up my computer and listened to a video series about editing (because I’m weird like that). I inevitably checked facebook to see that Onder Librum tagged me in a post. Could it be? Did it actually happen?

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I almost jumped up screaming, which would have woken my mom and brother…


Onder Magazine Issue 5

The Article is Here!!!!


If you want to read my article on “Narratives Through Music in Video Games”, it can be purchased here. Furthermore, I did have a gander at some of the other content in the magazine. It’s all amazing! Please give your love and support for the other contributors as well. Raeanne, for example, knows a lot about music, an obvious assumption based on her article. Other fantastic article writers are Gabrielle Harbowy, CA Jarrett, Geoff Gander, Dave Robison, just to name a few! Definitely, check all of these people’s submission out if you love music. And gaming. And – just do eet XD


So that’s it for now! There are so many things I wanted to mention before but this one trumps all. I like to spill happiness and awesome to all of you guys. I hope you have an amazing week! I’ll still be moving and what not.

Remember to keep moving forwards 😀



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