Finding the Right Group

Good Evening Peeps!

I don’t know when you are reading this but suffice it to say it’s 10 pm right now. What a day! What a week!

Let’s hop into the awesome, shall we?

I took a good amount of time to ease back into a system of doing things, which has been mostly successful. I’m currently reading an unpublished work in exchange for a review. So far I’m impressed with the novel. It is the first of this author that I’ve read and it’s a romance. I haven’t read one of those in years! So the fact that I’ve been gobbling it up, actually speaks volumes. True story.

As you know, I finished M School and found out that a dear friend of mine read it before it released. So at the book launch, she wasn’t surprised by the content. And here I thought she was just playing it cool… I mentioned this while she was streaming yesterday and her response was wild cackling. On a side note, check out her site here!

Anyways, last week I mentioned signing up for Kevin T. Johns writing course. In one group call, half my issues were rectified! Huzzah! That’s all it took! A group call that was roughly 2 hours of all of us talking back and forth on our respective projects. He gave me everything I needed to ‘unstick’ so to speak. Again I’m going to promote him because having the right group of people goes a long way. Go to his site. I promise you that he is definitely a wealth of knowledge.

This is what I meant by the title find the right group. All it takes is one group of people to light a fire under your ass to get whatever it is you want in life. Right now, I want to be published, making money from writing, and not have to worry about the normal hustle and bustle. Also, I’m motivated by the fact that I am needed at home. I’m doing everything I can to help my family because they are my family. That’s what families do. I haven’t had a nervous breakdown since I arrived. This is a great thing!

I also say that finding the right group is important because lately, several friends have approached me about what to do in life. There are so many videos that have inspired me, and I want to share that knowledge, assuming that’s what they want. Basically, I just want the best for the people around me. I’ve always been like that. Though I haven’t yet figured out how to harness my awesome powers of deduction on people, but I’ll get there. Even still, finding the right group of people helps to inspire you, feel like you matter, feel like things are possible. Sometimes all we need is one person to say “You can do this” and show them how or why! They have to trust the person on some level to actually listen. That said, sometimes friends aren’t the best listeners and sometimes they are. But really for anyone to realize the possibilities, a stranger that you can really relate to has to say it. That makes it’s a ‘new perspective’ even though friends may have said it a thousand times. Suffice it to say, I’m part of a couple of writers groups but oddly I feel more understood in Kevin’s group. Maybe it’ll work for you and maybe it won’t. But look for these groups. They are out there. 😀

The most important thing I can ever say to anyone is that life will only hand you what you want if you actively look for it. Don’t expect things to just show up on your doorstep. Do something in order for life to have a chance at delivering it. I know that might seem like some Law of Attraction bullshit – but it’s true. If I wasn’t actively looking for writing things, I wouldn’t have found even half the stuff I have. Now I’m swimming in information! Hawt damn! But it’s all good. 😀

Hopefully, that tidbit helps.

Also, Easter weekend/Ostara just passed and I hope there were good times and chocolate!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some wine to drink and The Story Grid to read

*insert brain explosion sounds here – like an everyday Michael Bay film*


Until next week peeps. Be awesome!


Explosion Picture

This is my brain reading The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne so far…





  1. D’aww! Thanks for the shout-out! And yes, finding the right people and surrounding yourself with them makes all the difference. I’m so glad Kevin’s group helped you so much. He’s lovely, and it doesn’t surprise me that the people around him are also lovely.

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