Dream Big

Good afternoon peeps!

Earlier today I finally sat down to watch Dream Girls. It showed on TV a couple weeks back and my mom had made mention of the fact that I would really enjoy this movie. Up until it showed up on TV, I had forgotten about its existence (mostly because life.. many movies.. lots of writing, networking, etc…) I set the recorder and resigned to watch it later. It started at midnight when my Aunt dropped by for a visit (we’re a weird bunch). Anyways, I rather enjoyed the movie. If the other singers in the movie don’t actually sing like they do in it, I’d be very shocked. I mean, we all know that Beyonce has one heck of a voice, but Jennifer Houston? WOW. Equally the other two ladies had amazing voices. My conclusion: I loved the movie, put simply. I also appreciated how it ended. It doesn’t just resolve into a happily ever after per se… The audience left to ponder about what occurs during that last stage performance. It was a nice touch. So, if you like musical movies and you haven’t seen it, go watch it to find out what I mean.

On Saturday was my group write-in and I struggled hard with Chapter 3 of Agnus. You may recall that I was crabbing about how I had Agnus kidnapped twice, in back to back scenes. Since then, I’ve fixed that section and now gripe about something else about Chapter 3 but I’ll get through it. I will finish this damn thing if it kills me.

As with any outing downtown, I often find myself browsing the bookshelves at Chapters. Initially, I was looking for the Book Club book (“A Writer’s Journey” by Christopher Vogler). But silly me, I had forgotten the name of the book while I was there. Instead, I found a different book that left me pining for more. After reading about 3 chapters in the store, I decided to purchase the book I nabbed. It is called “The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing” by Zachary Petit. This man used to work for Writer’s Digest – which is what peaked my interest – and it shows. It speaks volumes when I’m reading a sentence dumbfounded first thing in the morning. The word which tripped me up was Sysphean (is this how you spell that?). Naturally, what does one do when faced with a word in a sentence you don’t know? Ask the English major of a grandmother, of course XD (She also has a habit of kicking our collective asses in Scrabble. Experience! Knowledge!) Now that I know what it means (apparently this stems from Greek Mythology where Sysophous had a curse placed upon him. Each day he must push a giant boulder up a mountain and overnight it would roll back down. Again, don’t kill me for my spelling!) That said, I’m rather enjoying this book enough that I’m almost done the thing! It has inspired me to think outside the box which I wasn’t really doing before. I recommend it, assuming any of you are aspiring freelancers.

Anyways, I wanted to know what you guys are reading? What are you dreaming about doing? Is there something you feel stuck on? You never know, I might just have some random ace up my sleeve to help!

This picture was linked in one of my writer groups. I love The Rock. Here are some words of wisdom:


Until next time peeps!


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