If You’re Going For a Sales Pitch…

Good Evening Peeps,

It’s 11 pm as I write this and I thought I’d write about a game that I just came across.

But just before I get to that, I’ll explain why I landed on this game. You see, my lovely boyfriend has gone full swing back into streaming on Twitch (this takes you to his stream). Since he wanted to come up with a schedule of sorts for streaming, he decided to make Monday’s his Mystery games day. The funny part is that I own more mystery games than he does but I digress… In short order, I looked on Steam for games with the tag of ‘mystery’ and Steam returned a very large list. A few pages into this list of random mystery games was one with a title that seemed interesting – that was until I read the description of the game…

“The Dream Machine is an award-winning adventure game about dreams and voyeurism.” Already I’m disturbed but I read on anyways…

“It’s built by hand using materials such as clay, cardboard, and broccoli.” Wait.. what? Broccoli?

*Enter laughing here*

Okay so peeps, if you are doing a sales pitch of some kind, don’t do that. I mean, I know that people have strange kinks but there’s something very bizarre about voyeurism mixed with broccoli. Also, how was this game graphically done? Did they decide to go low budget and use real world items to put it together instead of using some kind of engine like Unity? Even as I write this I’m confused… And I’ll likely never look at broccoli the same way again because my brain has taken flight and… You know what? It’s best if you don’t know what strange things my brain came up with. It’s safer that way.

Anyways, my other half is amazing and has bought me a few games like two puzzle games (yay!), Mass Transit (the DLC for Cities Skylines), and Rise of the Tomb Raider (YAYYYYYYYYYY). My life will be temporarily destroyed by video games. True story.

What was the strangest sales pitch you’ve seen? Did it involve broccoli? *cackles*

I’ll have another blog post coming at you early this week. I have my graduation to go to and some #vaguebooking to sit on. There is news! I’ll be able to tell you guys soon! I just want it to be official first before I talk about it.

Until next time!


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