Movie Review: Dirty Dancing 2017

Good afternoon peeps!

This week has been ridiculously busy. I volunteered for C.O.N. last weekend, wrote some more in my novel, wrote a lengthy article of E3 for EloTalk, did a book review, and did an interview with someone big in gaming. I felt like I could do more but I digress… If you were curious as to why I didn’t get this done on Tuesday well, most of that would be the reason. On top of everything, we hit our data limit for internet yesterday. This does not impress us >.> Hopefully I can look into that soon otherwise things are going to be tough. I might not be online as much just so you’re aware. Also, for those of you that don’t know, my phone is sketchy at best. I’m in talks with people about a new phone but the timing of everything is just frustrating. Though none of this has anything to do with the movie review.

I decided that this post I’d do something a little different like a review because why not? I like movies and I felt that this one provided a good reason to talk about it. If you don’t want Dirty Dancing 2017 spoiled then don’t read from this point on. I plan to be a bit detailed.. Although if it IS a spoiler then clearly you’ve never watched the original.. Much of this movie was a copy/paste version with different characters, somewhat updated music (I stress SOMEWHAT), and bad acting.

First let me begin by saying I’m normally not too picky about movies. So when I reached the end of the movie and I still wondered why I went through it, that’s a bad sign.

Let’s talk acting. Most of the people did poorly. As much as I enjoyed Twilight and Kirsten Stewart in her role, I have to compare what most people view of her acting to the blandness of Baby. She fit the role as the wet behind the ears kind of character but honestly I did not connect with her like I did with Jennifer Grey’s portrayal of Baby. Hopefully that would lead to her counter part picking up the slack but he didn’t. The actor looked more like he fit into a story like The Outsiders. This guy is meant to be the legacy of Patrick Swayze who had all of the pizzazz and life exude from him. Unfortunately this actor I didn’t connect with in any way. Yes he’s a bit of an asshole but this guy ended up being the most emotionless human of the whole movie.

My grandmother pointed out that between the two sisters, Baby’s sister looked like she was the younger one. I understand that the sister is meant to be the more classy one, wanting to get married, caring about make up, and all the ‘girly’ things, but she just didn’t quite work. I tried to justify that the character was alright just because she physically looked younger, but I tend to agree with her in the end. That said, I felt that the connection between the two of them was the most likable thing of the whole movie. There are a couple of parts that were added in this version that did not appear in the original. Hollywood decided to wrap up a couple of things that the old version did not bother with. This made the movie a bit longer than the original but I found myself enjoying the extra bits.

Okay lets get on to the big failure of the movie. The dancing. For a dancing movie, this better be top notch, and while the first routine was technically sound, the rest of it was pure garbage. In fact, I believed Baby’s dancing infinitely more with the improvement of her skill throughout the movie than anyone else.

The dirty dancing bits of the movie were just.. bleh. Most of the original actors were very good at this part. There was enthusiasm, super flexibility, and an all out understanding of why this would have been risky behaviour at that time (keep in mind this movie is set in the 70s. Movies didn’t have zillions of sex scenes like they do today.)

Johnny’s dancing was the worst of them all. He threw in an amusing Elvis style move in there which made me smile, but you could tell this actor is not a dancer in anyway. He had no connection to his partner nor to dancing and that really showed. He was as bland as cardboard and was not flexible. Please note that I was not expecting him to live up to Patrick Swayze because he was on a whole other level of amazing. I expected this guy to at least PRETEND that he was having a good time dancing. You know? It’s kinda the whole point of ACTING! /me rages.

One would think that as a dancing movie, and after all the amazing dance movies that are out there, that this would be passable. Dirty Dancing 2017 was terrible in my opinion and it really needed a lot more work before being aired. I found myself wondering if any of the actors actually sang or if all of that was a voice over, because some of it seemed like they did well and some of it was clearly added over.

If you want to watch Dirty Dancing, honestly watch the original version because it was infinitely better.

That’s all I have for you today peeps!

Be awesome!


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