Performance, Games, and Groups

Good afternoon peeps!

It’s been quite the week. I helped with a performance, wrote a bunch, grabbed a few games from Steam, and now I’m waiting for Secret World Legends to finish patching. This game is amazing XD (It’s also free to play).

For the performance this past week, it was a family member singing on stage in front of paying people at Centrepoint Theatre. It was lovely. I controlled the SlideShow presentation which was a last minute decision. All went well! Nothing exploded XD *cackles* Being behind the scenes at a show in the audio and lighting booth was different and I found that the people at the theatre are lovely. I might have convinced a person to come to Can*Con this year because he was reading an Erikson book 😀

Then, I had an exciting two days with my Aunt. To put that into perspective, my Aunt is a busy lady and we’ve never had much of an opportunity to get together and talk, laugh, and just be crazy together. I bought more tea that day. We had lunch. We laughed and joked around with the Rogers guy. We also watched Hidden Figures. I love that movie. Well done. I swear, everything Octavia Spencer is in, I enjoy. All in all, that was a great couple of days.

My brother bought me Natural Disasters for Cities Skylines. This game is obviously a city builder with the intensity dialed up. I love it. You can zoom in and look at the pretty houses anytime. Very cute. I also suck at city design. Trust me. I’ll tell you!

Yesterday was a lovely day out with my writing coach and another member of the group. It was fun! We had a drink and chatted for a couple of hours about writing things. Kevin asked me all kinds of questions about something I was struggling with and it has helped. He’s full of amazing words of wisdom. Again, I can’t stress enough how awesome it is to be part of a writing group that helps facilitate growth. The time together was sadly short but worth it.

Then all day yesterday when I wasn’t out, I was playing Secret World Legends. It’s an MMO styled game, kinda tame horroresque, and uses real world knowledge to get through some of the puzzles. It’s also free to play, though it’s a 20 gig download. Of course, since I played the original version of this, some of the puzzles I just remember. I’m also playing Illuminati because they are awesome. KG, the woman who is in charge of the Illuminati, is hilarious to me. So that’s a thing. You can also play a Templar or a Dragon. Watch some trailers or something… It’s a good time.

Anyways, that’s your update for the week! I must play moreeeeee. And next post I’ll let you know how editing for EloTalk is going 🙂

Until next time peeps!

Image belongs to Funcom. The woman in the picture is KG.


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