Lessons of Life

Good morning peeps,

I’ll be honest. It’s been a rough week – rougher than I thought it would be.

On Saturday I was excited to have finished Agnus the Beast. It’s now decent enough to do another round of edits before working on publishing. I thought I’d get ahead of the ball game and start setting up KDP and Goodreads. After realizing that it isn’t as simple as I assumed it to be, I moved on to doing other things. Yes, I am done writing the book but, I don’t have cover art yet, I haven’t done a real edit, etc.. So my amazing writing coach said that perhaps it was slightly too early to poke around setting up accounts. For once, I just wanted to have it set up so that it would be easier for ‘future me’. (It amuses me when my writing peeps say “That’s an issue for future me to deal with.” I kinda like it…) After realizing I needed to do certain things first, I decided that putting the book into Scrivener to compile into Mobi format would help me edit. I read faster on my Kindle than I do on my computer or paper. With that in mind, I put Agnus into the foreign lands of Scrivener. My next task was to divvy up the Chapters officially. I’m basically done this. WOO. By the end of Saturday/Sunday, I was on top of the world. I would be able to work on my Video Gaming book that is mostly complete.

Except that didn’t happen. A real life issue popped up where I’ve been fraught with lack of sleep, little will to eat, and constant worry. Never mind the fact that next door is undergoing construction (they have a permit for this). I had to leave moderating one of our PRL tournaments because of the issue, but at least I had the foresight to know something was wrong. I informed one of the operations guys that I might have to disappear for a bit and then I needed to do just that.

Anyways, I’m not really going to go into details but I will say that I have profound respect for my family. My grandparents are both tough as nails. I mean, I thought I was a tough cookie, but I’d have a really difficult time enduring what both of them have to deal with. My grandparents have always been my pillars, and I know that I’m fortunate enough to still have mine. Many people in my age group don’t get that luxury. My mom and my aunt have been amazing during the last week as well. They’ve checked in on things to make sure everything is going well and they’ve come over to spend time with us. It’s been wonderful. So, the sum total of this week is that everything will be fine. My family members are doing alright with everything. It just scared the crap out of us more than anything, and we’ve been holding up without worrying as much. Even still, I’m amazed at how tough my family is – and that’s a good thing.

My advice this week is, never take anything for granted. Your family will often surprise you when least expected. So, spend your time with family well, if given the option.

On a side note, I finally received my business cards! They look smexy. At some future point I’ll show them off, but right now I have a tonne of things to do! Nothing says you can’t keep yourself busy when trying to keep emotionally stable. Though today is a good day, so I feel like I have this in the bag.

Until next time peeps.


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