Let’s Talk About Freelancing

Good morning peeps,

Normally I post on Tuesday’s because that’s the days where people tend to leave me alone long enough to write something appreciable. I can think about the weeks’ escapades and come up with something compelling. Alas, yesterday did not provide that luxury. Our electricity was knocked out twice, both times when I was in the middle of doing something, people were trying to get my assistance for a few things, and the new patch for Guild Wars 2 all happened. Once our electricity got knocked out a second time, I was furious. I didn’t sleep much the night before and it’ll take time before the neighbours are finished construction… Needless to say, I was a flaming ball of death. Thankfully, I ended up going out just to be out of the house. This led to dinner at Darcy McGees and some shopping escapades. By the end of the night, all was well – I was in a better mood – though another thing happened after that which scared me. Thankfully, that wasn’t anything bad but the timing just sunk me down. I spent the rest of the evening playing Guild Wars finally.

None of the above has to do with freelancing but this next bit does. Earlier in the week, I slogged through my Rival Replay – a series where I recap the Rocket League tournaments I moderate for. And when I say slogged, I really mean it because I just had no will to write the thing. But I did it anyway. This is an important skill to have, to be able to work on a piece that normally you enjoy but just have a day where you don’t feel like writing. As with blogging or writing novels, there are always going to be times where you just don’t feel like doing anything. I’d like to propose a strange benefit when a person writes when they don’t want to. If you aren’t feeling it, then don’t go writing an epic emotional scene because that’ll feel very flat. Instead, why not take a project you had struggles with before and edit the thing. When finding yourself low on the ground, you will have an easier time ‘killing your darlings’ when you are an emotionless void. A caveat though… make sure to save the original in case to kill too much.

Related to that topic: an article I read on Medium this morning. If you aren’t familiar with Medium, it is a site that you can regularly write on. This site has hundreds of thousands of people who read articles in different categories. I only have one thing posted on there so far but it has a wealth of useful information on all kinds of subjects. Since there is an audience in each category, you can find yourself gaining followers to your blog. Anyways, a lady posted a piece about things she has learned from freelancing. If this is something you are interested in, check out the article. It’s good food for thought.

Hopefully, all of you are having a great week. Are there any particular fields of writing you are most interested in? Drop a comment! Contrary to many writers, I’m an extrovert and enjoy chatting with people.

Until next time.


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