Let’s Talk about Writing…

I’m super excited to talk about a couple of things this week. While one thing will be a #vaguebooking piece of news, the other things are amazing for me.


This week CreativeLive has been hosting webinars regarding different aspects of the writing career, for free. If you don’t know, this site has all kinds of courses on a variety of different ideas like Photos & Videos, Music & Audio, and Money & Life. And generally, people can purchase these courses rather cheaply. It just happens to be that this week is writing week and I’ve been diving right into the courses offered. The first speaker I listened to is amazing and I’m definitely a fan, even though I have not read any of her work prior to the webinar. Her name is Michelle Tea if you are interested.

On Friday, there are courses covering editing. As much as I enjoy editing articles, I struggle with editing my own novels. Just to give you an example, my Video Games book has to be completely rearranged because it was too redundant in places. I even outlined that… As I’ve said before, outlining is a guideline, not something written in stone. The ideas from that outline are still present but they will be showcased in a more logical manner. Clearly, editing is something I am constantly working on. Either way, I’m excited about the rest of the courses 🙂


Fun News That Isn’t Mine

By far the most exciting thing isn’t even my news! I like to be rather humble and as a writer myself, it’s very common for other writers to help each other out. In this case, I’m signal boosting the cover reveal and trailer for The Saviour’s Champion, Jenna Moreci’s upcoming book!

The Saviour's Champion Cover

I just watched the trailer and I’m super hyped about it. Her lovely husband did the video and damn son! Way to sell people in one fell swoop! I bow to the cyborg queen and king of awesome.

If you didn’t get the hint, I’m a fan of hers because her videos are rather quick and chalked full of useful information for writers. As a person who has very little time lately, I appreciate bite-sized information like that.

In other fun news that isn’t mine, a colleague and friend, Brandon Crilly, had the opportunity to interview Jim Butcher for the Black Gate Magazine. He already interviewed Steven Erikson and I am really happy for Brandon to have that opportunity.

Anyways, I just about died when I saw that information in my news feed. (Also damn you facebook for only showing the post TWO DAYS AFTERWARDS.) When that ends up on YouTube, you know I’ll be watching it. I’m super happy and super jealous.

The Most Important News!

I actually can’t tell you yet. I’ve been given an offer that I have tentatively accepted, but until I speak with the people in charge, I’m not yet going to tell you guys. But it’s big for me. You’ll understand in due time. I promise. Some of you might have an idea of what this is so, don’t go spoiling it. 😀

Until next time peeps! I can’t wait to keep the ball rolling forwards.



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