Review of Tomb Raider (The Movie)

I suppose this was going to come naturally since I absolutely love the TR series. I’ve played many of the games and thoroughly enjoy them.

When I first saw the trailer for TR, I was a little… sad. Maybe sad isn’t the word. Maybe it was a concern for what Hollywood would do to such a great series…

As expected, this movie did not live up to certain expectations, and also surpassed other expectations. I didn’t hate the movie at all. I rather enjoyed the film despite its flaws. I don’t want to go into all the detail per se because the movie is actually worth watching.

Needless to say, SPOILERS AHEAD!

I appreciated the beginning section where we got a backstory to Lara Croft. She doesn’t want handouts. She works hard to pay off debts. She’s very capable as a combatant. She is also an extremely likable character. Some of the lines made me laugh ridiculously (for better or worse for my viewing buddy…). And nowhere in the game does Lara Croft scream biker chick with a penchant for making money in unique ways. That said, I enjoyed her methods of acquiring money and who doesn’t love badass biker chicks?


Lara is also a practiced mixed martial artist (at least that’s the impression I got from the fighting style). Even though she isn’t a superhero when it comes to martial arts, she’s still a kickass character and I love her. Though, at several moments during the film, the actress seemed to move more like a trained dancer. There was just something in the way that she moved that gave me more of a dancer vibe than a martial artist, however, it worked brilliantly. This actress can fight or, the stunt double is fricken amazing and the splicing was OP AF! Anyways, some of the moves she used definitely felt more MMA than anything else. Don’t hate me though, I’m not a martial artist. If that isn’t the style that was used in the movie, I’m sorry… I just loved how realistic this fighting style seemed to be than some movies out there.

There were moments I dreaded like Lara being whisked away by the powerful water currents, and my remembering that in the game the number of times you can horribly die. As a friend once said to me, Square-Enix excels at making the player not want to experience their horrible repetitive fates by dying…over…and over.. and over again. I winced while Lara was in the water (Play the game. You’ll understand why).

I dreaded the tomb entrance and the many horrible things you get to experience down there. I’m quite glad that some of those things were glossed over… Anyone up for that skull room again? Yeah… I’m not…

Like my lovely friend Sonia, I too was upset that there was no Sam present in the film. WHERE WAS SAM?! My God! Instead of giving her her best friend, you gave us her father, which still fits the cannon of the story, but the whole point of the game is to stop Himiko. Himiko is trying to escape the island by using certain people as her vessels to succeed in her mission. And the whole vessel idea was done away with in the movie. This movie should have been longer if they kept the concept of protecting your friend.

Don’t get me wrong, they did a fantastic job of showing how REAL things can be in terms of pain, death, emotion, humour, familial bonds etc… When Lara goes down, you genuinely feel for her. In the game, Lara Croft complains too much, even after killing 100+ guys. It’s overbearing in my opinion. However, in the movie, her believable emotions shows that Lara is still human. Thankfully, she is changed by the experiences, and even though she doesn’t like it, there is a greater purpose to it all. She feels remorse.

Lara Croft is NOT a pathetic character. She doesn’t magically fall for some guy. She genuinely kicks ass (small boobs or not.) I loved her sense of humour, her charm, her intelligence. This is why the Tomb Raider series always takes me in. Her resolve is inspiring.

Also, where the hell was the actual army? You get rekt in the game if you enter a particular room where the army is.. And fighting them doesn’t help either… You gotta be stealthy in there. Did I miss something here? Were the tombs the only indication of Himiko’s evil army? GAH! Don’t be sloppy. I know its a movie but there’s plenty of CGI to go around for 50+ guys in a room…

Not having Roth in the movie was sad. I was expecting him there. I was expecting an epic boat scene, and that never came. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, play the game! There were some awesome conflicts with the characters from when they are on the boat. That said, if they had included that character, the movie would have been much longer because he was an integral piece of the game. Instead, they’ve cleverly taken him out, Sam out, and found a way to design this movie as a sequel. I’m actually kinda happy about that because we can get another kick ass movie with a heroine that isn’t helpless and pathetic. At the same time, I’m sad because there were relationships that I wanted.

Oh! One more thing. I like how there were a couple of save points in the game that became transition moments in the film. When it starts to rain and she runs off to find shelter, Lara wakes up inside a little cave. Later on in the film, when Lara finds her dad, he is creating a fire. In the game, when you found a firepit, you had a save point… See? There were some awesome things about the movie!

I suppose we can’t have everything. As much as I enjoyed the movie, there were things I’d had kept from the game to satisfy the fans. Don’t let my review stop you though. I still enjoyed this movie and think it’s still worth seeing.

Overall, I’d give this movie a 3.5 out of 5.

And with that.. I’m going to bed.


When One Door Closes…

Good day peeps!

Well, it’s been such a crazy couple of weeks.

You may know that I was a writer and editor for EloTalk for over a year. At the end of December, I wrote my last article. I was waiting for some kind of direction but never got anything, even after pitching the idea of a meeting. And up until a few days ago, we still had no idea what was to become of EloTalk. All through this time, I stopped writing content on the site because it had taken over the front page. Keep in mind that I was not writing a piece every day; that was from writing an article a week. It was clear that I was the only one motivated to keep working. Others had all but given up, which, as an editor, I knew long ago. I could tell by the lacklustre tone in the newer pieces (yes, we can tell when someone is invested in a piece and when it’s just filler content). When the announcement dropped that EloTalk would shift its focus from writing to podcasting, and perhaps not for video games, I knew it was done. I was sad. I knew that I needed to work on my options as a writer since I’m not yet a published author (of a novel).

In December, I went to filming for the Silver Stag and mentioned that I didn’t know what to do. Another panelist who also writes for games media offered me a weekly column, starting in January. Since I knew that EloTalk was in flux, I took that offer. On the same day of EloTalk closing its doors, Chalgyr’s asked me if I wanted to be an editor. WOO! Since I knew that I wasn’t burdened by writing the same stuff for those two sites, I could put all my energy into Chalgyr’s and offered to do more game reviews. I now have two. As they say, when one door closes, another one opens.

This is what this week has become… So far.

To try and make up for everything in December, I had applied to be a games writer for a big site. As you know, in January I signed a contract for GINX Esports TV. It took me a month before I came up with a viable pitch. Then it took a couple weeks to research and write. I say a couple weeks because I changed my focus. I rewrote it at least three times before I submitted the piece. A day after the Chalgyr’s and EloTalk news, I received a response for that article. My focus has shifted to editing that first.

So far we are at two games reviews and editing of my article. I also have filming, gaming, and entertaining a guest this weekend.

But wait! There’s more!

As I set out to edit that article piece, I received a surprise email from The Ed Greenwood Group. You may or may not recall that last year I wrote a piece about video games and music for Onder Magazine. It was published. I have a printed copy of my article that sits comfortably in a frame on display at home. What I didn’t expect was the content of that email. It informed me that I would be receiving royalties on that piece. Honestly, I had completely forgotten that the contributors would be paid… At this point, that’s the least of my thoughts. I never wrote that piece for the pay. I wrote it because

  1. I love video games
  2. I love music
  3. To prove to myself that I could produce something great
  4. To show TEGG that I could meet deadlines. That way, in future, I could write a novel under their publishing model.

Anyways, a lot of things happened in the last couple of months. So let’s recap:

  • EloTalk is no longer doing articles, just podcasts.
  • I’m now a writer/editor for Chalgyr’s Games Room (
  • GINX likes my article pitch and when it is done, I will provide a link to it.
  • TEGG is paying royalties on a piece published a year ago.


How’s that for an insane week?

Now off I go to write! I have to playtest a few games, watch a movie, level up my D&D character, and pack!

Until next time!

There is sooo much. Ahh!!!

Ever have one of those days where you just have so much on your plate that you’re struggling to have some sanity? Yeah. That.

S.M.Carriere will totally understand this post but then so will many others… (And if you aren’t following her, SHAME ON YOU. She’s lovely. Check out her blog, her books, and her YouTube.)

Last blog post I alluded to something that actually went through. I had to check with a legal professional to look over a contract but it’s official now. I’m a freelance writer for GINX Esports TV. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

You may wonder where the first epic post for them is, and sadly, there isn’t one yet. There have been delays in things because they are doing a lot of things behind the scenes. Nothing is bad about that. It’s given me time to consider what amazing things I can write for them. And I got nothing. Literally nothing.

Dreamhack happened last weekend and I missed most of it. The Ting qualifiers have been going on, and I’ve missed everything. It’s like I suddenly hit a wall of, ‘so this is a paying gig and I feel like I am not good enough for this.’

In my writing group call last night, I expressed my feeling stonewalled, like I needed to come up with something EPIC to write. Both Kevin and another member said to me, “They chose you for a reason. Keep doing what you are doing. They obviously liked what you had written before they hired you.” That helped a lot and this just goes to show you that being part of a writing group headed by an awesome writing coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Here is something else I can tell you about last night. “Who is more important to you? Madonna or me?” (This was Kevin asking). The others answered Kevin. I, however, had to pause. You see, I’m a big fan of Madonna. In some ways, both she and Mariah Carey formed my love for music more than any other artist. Sure, I listen to other genres now. But it’s no surprise that I look up to two music icons who have withstood the test of time. Both of those artists have had number one hits over decades. DECADES. They aren’t the only ones to do that but still, it’s not a bad thing to look up to successful women in the music industry. They kept reaching for the stars, therefore I keep reaching for the stars.

Embed from Getty Images

This picture is embedded from Getty Images. It’s Madonna from last year (2017) at the Billboard Women in Music event.

Kevin said, “Jaggy’s answer is not bad. All of you say that you want to change lives. Here I am, married with kids, a stable day job, an awesome writing career, and all three of you have said that I’ve impacted your lives for the better. THAT’S what writing’s all about.”

So if you haven’t considered a writing coach, I encourage you to find one. I recommend Kevin but there are plenty of coaches out there to choose from.

And in other awesome news that I want to touch on is recently it was announced that Patrick Rothfuss’ book The Name of the Wind will be made into a movie! I’m actually quite excited because Mr. Rothfuss is a fantastic person from what I gather. He writes, he is passionate about the WorldBuilders Foundation, and he streams on Twitch playing video games. I’ve come to really appreciate the man even not having met him.

Now I need to write all the things. Get ahold of people for this video games book. And perhaps come up with something brilliant to do for a monthly newsletter for you guys. Assuming I did that, what would you want to see in them? What I’m reading? What Medium articles I like? Little blurbs of my works?

Let me know 🙂

Until next time peeps!

Let’s Talk about Writing…

I’m super excited to talk about a couple of things this week. While one thing will be a #vaguebooking piece of news, the other things are amazing for me.


This week CreativeLive has been hosting webinars regarding different aspects of the writing career, for free. If you don’t know, this site has all kinds of courses on a variety of different ideas like Photos & Videos, Music & Audio, and Money & Life. And generally, people can purchase these courses rather cheaply. It just happens to be that this week is writing week and I’ve been diving right into the courses offered. The first speaker I listened to is amazing and I’m definitely a fan, even though I have not read any of her work prior to the webinar. Her name is Michelle Tea if you are interested.

On Friday, there are courses covering editing. As much as I enjoy editing articles, I struggle with editing my own novels. Just to give you an example, my Video Games book has to be completely rearranged because it was too redundant in places. I even outlined that… As I’ve said before, outlining is a guideline, not something written in stone. The ideas from that outline are still present but they will be showcased in a more logical manner. Clearly, editing is something I am constantly working on. Either way, I’m excited about the rest of the courses 🙂


Fun News That Isn’t Mine

By far the most exciting thing isn’t even my news! I like to be rather humble and as a writer myself, it’s very common for other writers to help each other out. In this case, I’m signal boosting the cover reveal and trailer for The Saviour’s Champion, Jenna Moreci’s upcoming book!

The Saviour's Champion Cover

I just watched the trailer and I’m super hyped about it. Her lovely husband did the video and damn son! Way to sell people in one fell swoop! I bow to the cyborg queen and king of awesome.

If you didn’t get the hint, I’m a fan of hers because her videos are rather quick and chalked full of useful information for writers. As a person who has very little time lately, I appreciate bite-sized information like that.

In other fun news that isn’t mine, a colleague and friend, Brandon Crilly, had the opportunity to interview Jim Butcher for the Black Gate Magazine. He already interviewed Steven Erikson and I am really happy for Brandon to have that opportunity.

Anyways, I just about died when I saw that information in my news feed. (Also damn you facebook for only showing the post TWO DAYS AFTERWARDS.) When that ends up on YouTube, you know I’ll be watching it. I’m super happy and super jealous.

The Most Important News!

I actually can’t tell you yet. I’ve been given an offer that I have tentatively accepted, but until I speak with the people in charge, I’m not yet going to tell you guys. But it’s big for me. You’ll understand in due time. I promise. Some of you might have an idea of what this is so, don’t go spoiling it. 😀

Until next time peeps! I can’t wait to keep the ball rolling forwards.


What Yule Teaches You…

Good afternoon Peeps!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season because it’s likely been one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time.

December is always a hard month since I ying yang often. There are reasons for this, and I’ve been working hard at getting better around this time of year but it’s not perfect. Anyways, I wanted to clarify something and also explain why this is the best holiday season yet.

First, let’s get one of the things that has been bothering me off my chest. Recently someone that I don’t even know accused me of something. It doesn’t matter what it was nor why they decided to do this. It bothers me that an assumption was made. Another person perhaps feels they can’t say anything as a result of that assumption. Who knows why this person would come to that conclusion… Anyways, I try to be an ear for people and help bring people up regardless of their dreams. Maybe I did it too much? Maybe there was a mistake in understanding why I do this. It doesn’t matter though. To me, it’s far better to help people reach their goals than to expect anything out of it. As a result of this misunderstanding, I feel as though I’ve lost a friend. I hate that. I genuinely hate losing friends because of something stupid. I know that friend has a lot of potential. I especially don’t like losing friends because of some jackass who decides to accuse me of something for no reason. Pro tip: If you don’t know the person you’re saying shit about, then don’t open your fucking mouth. How dare you say things without having the balls to talk to me? The next time that happens, I will respond in force. Let that be a warning. I will not bow down to some 20 year old who thinks he can say whatever the fuck he wants. (Perhaps ‘anger’ is the word I’m looking for here.)

Second, yesterday I attended a Yule party put on by a great friend. He was actually my boss when I did subcontracting work. It was a wonderful time. That said, two things happened that stood out in my mind. Firstly, the person driving me to the party is another great friend and he mentioned that my blog posts were boring. Apparently, he used to be a freelance writer too! Well, that means I have some work to do. I don’t wanna be boring! I’m not boring in real life! At least, I don’t think I am… But if it’s true, I’d love to know what I could improve. I don’t want ResidentSleepers in this blog! You guys deserve awesome things.

The other thing that happened was as a result of a tweet. Yesterday a guy I don’t know asked to see one of my articles. The article pertained to my opinion about Detroit: Become Human and The Last of Us 2. Some of you may have read it. Some of you might not have so, I’m linking it for you to read if you want context to his tweet. This gentleman then replied to the conversation after having read the article. I read it this morning and it sent me over the moon. I’m a happy camper 😀 This is the best response I’ve received from my article next to the Super Dungeon Tactics having the number one spot on the Steam game page! (in fact, the second top review for the game is the other website I’ll be writing for in the New Year 😀 )

Best Article Compliment Ever

All in all, I’ve been in a much better mental state this year than any other year because of the things people have helped me realize. I appreciate all of you and I hope you have excellent holidays. Don’t let anyone take you down. We have the power to have a great holiday season, we just have to open our eyes once in a while.

What about you? Has anything stood out so far? Let me know.

Until next time.


This is Only the Beginning of the FCC War

The last while has been insanity if you hadn’t discerned that from the lack of posts lately… Many things have gone well while other things have gone poorly and I’d like to say that most things are good. Today, however, I’m in a very sour mood…

If you’re reading this online then chances are you’ve seen the exact reason for my salty mood. That is the FCC’s decision regarding Net Neutrality and it makes me furious.

Throughout the course of today, I’ve been told things like, “You’re Canadian and therefore this doesn’t affect you.” Except that it does. Consider the following: many websites that I use on a regular basis are owned by Americans, which means they fall under US laws. That means if ISPs in the States are allowed to throttle or censor certain sites, Americans, – many of my friends – are going to be affected.

How about this? I write articles for a video games site. That site is run by servers in the United States. Sure. I could change websites or work in tandem with it – in fact, that is happening in the new year. Anyways, working in the video games industry, in some capacity, and writing about things that I enjoy, is something that I’ve worked towards. Throttling access in some capacity will eventually affect me and my ability to do the thing that I love. This is not impressing.

You see, Canadian law is established by precedent and that means that if the US decides something, we might look to it when ruling cases (depending on the case and if there are other legal systems more closely related, etc…) Anyways, earlier today I read an article from the Toronto Star about how the FCC decision could affect Canadians because it kicks open the door to ISPs here thinking that they could do the same thing. Sure, that would take time to pass through our courts so that we could address all of the legal questions, but the reality is that the FCC decision doesn’t make Canadians immune to the possibility. Because you know… MONEY.

Let’s look at some other tacks to explain how things can affect us. You know that many people start online businesses through companies like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Twitch, YouTube,… I could go on. So let me break the ‘free media’ idea for you…

Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and its HQ is located in Seattle, Washington. Amazon has its App store, the Echo, Kindle e-readers, Video services, Web services, and Comixology – a program which operates on a subscription basis to gain access to comics. Amazon also owns Audible, Goodreads, and Twitch TV. Think about that for a moment… Our books, our videos, our audio books, and our streaming platforms all could be locked under a paywall. And what’s to say that the US ISPs don’t decide to deny other countries access to their content because we aren’t paying the extra premium for it. Does it sound like censorship will increase?

Ebay is located in San Jose, California and was founded by Pierre Omidyar.

Etsy is also US based and its main office is in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

YouTube is a video hosting site located in San Bruno, California. And who owns YouTube? Google. The internet search engine that brings people a plethora of websites to research information is located in Menlo Park, California.

Consider this also… The FCC manages to allow ISPs to charge Americans extra or else they will throttle websites – not all of them but definitely ones that don’t agree with certain political ideas for example… What’s to stop them from nailing, Google, YouTube, and Twitch? People won’t be able to look for certain content easily, if at all. YouTube and Twitch could be categorized under ‘entertainment’ and therefore would be charged a premium. How does that affect the content creators whos only source of income is one or both of these platforms? And if you believe the notion of ‘they won’t block the big name corporations from making money’ or ‘my ISP is very consumer friendly’ then you’ve deluded yourself. All they have to do is slowly push small changes over time before it explodes out of control. We can already see this with Television packages. Do you pay for a box? That’s an additional expense. Did you want the home phone with that? We can bundle it for just $30 more and you can have all the things you want. If you cancel your TV though, we’re going to have to charge you for the privilege to do that… See what I’m saying? It’s very easily possible how your online activity is going to cost more than you expect it to.

How about the media outlets like The Washington Post, CNN, or The Wall Street Journal? Well, they are owned by large corporations also and that means information is being cherry-picked and fed to the populous. Here is an article from 2012 posted on Business Insider. It has a large graphic that gives you an understanding of how much media is being fed by SIX corporations giving the illusion of choice. In other words, if certain people in power don’t want light shed on certain issues, they can sweep it under the rug. People who want to make money, who already DONT MAKE ENOUGH, are going to get screwed over more. As they say, the rich get richer.

Just today news also broke out about the Disney and 21st Century Fox deal. Bob Iger, the man who owns Disney, said on the topic of Net Neutrality, “We’ve never really believed net neutrality is really an issue for us and we continue to believe that’s the case, and with this acquisition, we believe that to be even more of the case.” This article sites another posted on The Verge which is equally worth a read. Though to me, it’s disgusting how convoluted this whole thing has become and it only gets worse.

People have often tooted the idea of ‘paying attention to history because then we don’t make the same mistakes as our ancestors.’ Really? You believe that eh? Okay. Does the term ‘propaganda’ ring any bells? Because that’s what’s been happening and will be more prolific as time goes on if this FCC ruling stands. The only difference here is they aren’t using the word propaganda. They are using terms like “Obama-era Net Neutrality” because people don’t necessarily ‘understand the greater impact’. It’s termed like that because a lot of people hated Obama, for reasons I probably will never understand, and therefore can be tricked into thinking that all things put in place by the former POTUS are universally bad. Instead of taking the time to understand the issues, the current person in power – who I’ll keep nameless because it just angers me more – wants to dismantle everything without considering the implication.

Here’s a Philip DeFranco video about today’s ruling where you can see the C-Span votes and his thoughts regarding it. As a person who abhors news media because of the propaganda often spread by it, I find Philly D to be more impartial than other sources out there. That’s not to say that everything he says is gospel. I appreciate his content because it tries to look at everything and allows people to decide for themselves.

I may be Canadian but I’m still going to do what I can. And if that same fight occurs up here, you better believe we will battle it. You can still fight against the FCC. The information is out there on how to stop it before it goes through. DO SOMETHING.

Anyways, I think I’ve said all I need to about how very pissed off I am.

Until next time…

PS: I’ll be starting a writing gig with Chalgyr’s Games Room in the new year. I’ll be sure to add it to my site.

PPS: Work on my novels have been going quite well. More on that when I’m less angry with the world. It might be after Yule…


A Whirlwind and this is only the beginning…

It’s been a long couple of weeks but I’m back.

It’s great to be writing again or trying to write again, on here that is… So welcome back peeps!

I’ve been mentally going back and forth in my mind as to the topic of today’s post. In fact, I haven’t even titled it. Maybe you don’t know this but my middle school experience in English class revolved around a topic or quote on the board. We would write what ever we could think on the topic. It wasn’t necessary to write a whole piece on that topic/quote but so long as there was a reference to it somewhere in the thought. Because of this, I’ve always been able to write without much direction/plotting/outlining but I DO require something like.. a title. When I entered into my first NaNo experience, I started Agnus the Beast with that title, and subsequently that character. Also, on a related note, Agnus the Beast is my own character created in Dungeons & Dragons. It was a character that progressed through a campaign setting for Pathfinder called Kingmaker. She was to be the one to run the militia in the end, although the group fell apart after we completed the first book.

Anyways, the last few weeks I’ve struggled to write anything. Articles, Novels, Short Stories I have in mind to submit into competitions. There are a number of reasons for that:

  1. Rival Week – a week long of show matches of professional players in Rocket League. Each day was about 2.5 hours long of moderating sizable chats and watching more of one game than I normally do. I like to be diverse. This is why I exist in many channels on Twitch both as a moderator and as a viewer. Sometimes, I just want to watch relaxing Cities Skylines. Ya know?
  2. RLCS Qualifiers – Pro Rivalry League, a community centered around the fans of Rocket League, was chosen as one of the groups to HOST to qualifiers for RLCS. That meant that as a moderator of PRL and a writer for EloTalk focusing on PRL content, I was part of the massive group of people to moderate a chat of 20k viewers. There were several meetings about the rules surrounding the tournament, asking questions about the bracketed platform, dealing with issues brought forth by players, and training the mods on how to be really good at moderating etc… This occurred over this weekend and now I’m plainly exhausted. It’s 3pm ish and I’m still tired.
  3. Before all of that, I did a movie review for Ex-Machina and the panel did not go as I expected. Nor should it. This was the first time I ended up on a panel of a small press publisher and a published author. Then there’s little ole me. Incidentally, that wasn’t the problem I had after leaving the panel. I walked into the experience with one viewpoint about the message and theme of the movie – in my writing group we’ve been focussed on POV and themes in your work which means I was focussed more on those points than anything. The other two panelists were really on the same page as to a totally different point in the movie. Let it be known that at no point did I feel threatened by a difference of opinion. I respect both of these people. Anyways, what this panel had me thinking about for the rest of the day was more about two ideas. The first being that I’m very tired of seeing the same labels being pushed onto people, for better or worse. The second being that I felt like shit for not being more prepared for that panel. I should have expected the strong opinions – not to battle them – but to not feel so thrown off to the point of not having much to say. I had a zillion thoughts walking into the panel, and I felt like none of it was important given the interpretation and thoughts of the other panelist. We like a difference of opinion on the panel and I had issues bringing myself back to normal when filming. I guess what I’m saying is the rest of the day I was upset with myself for not being better at explaining myself or seeing greater issues. You see, I like to be able to understand as many sides of a story and in this case, I missed the ball.
  4. And perhaps the biggest kick in the ass for me in terms of why I’ve slacked off on writing anything revolves around editing. For EloTalk, I not only write about video games but I edit as well. On one day we had a contributor submit a piece to be edited that was under a time restriction. None of the other editors were able to handle the piece so I grabbed it. I know precious little about this game but it would be terrible to have walked into editing with the mindset of knowing every game out there. If a person writes something that doesn’t even remotely make sense to another gamer, how is it going to make sense to a person who just became interested in the same game? One must still be clear, so I use articles like this to improve my understanding of games. Anyways, I edited the player interview and I asked the others to give it a once over – since I’m still new to the editing game. I was met with what I construed as a scene of a burning village. The format was wrong, the pictures were in the wrong spot, we aren’t allowed to even touch what a person says… To be clear, I checked with another editor about making the answers readable like taking out an ‘and’ and adding a period. Essentially I took it as ‘everything you do is wrong, you arent a journalist, I have to spend hours fixing this now.’ I almost gave up editing and perhaps writing because of this incident. Anyways, after taking a couple days off where I didn’t talk to anyone or write, I managed to do a paragraph or two on my video gaming book. I also spoke to my writing group about the situation and they had lots of thoughts about the experience. We’ll see what happens.

Somehow in all of that, I’ve been considering putting together a weekly newsletter of sorts. My intention is for that to be clips of information but before I set it up, I’d like to have a road map of what to talk about in these newsletters. Now that the crazy few weeks are over, I have to think about article topics for Dreamhack in September, and can focus on what to do for this newsletter. Save me!

Do you ever have this crazy times where all willpower just fades? What do you do for it? Let me know. We’re in this weird world together.

Until next time.