A Whirlwind and this is only the beginning…

It’s been a long couple of weeks but I’m back.

It’s great to be writing again or trying to write again, on here that is… So welcome back peeps!

I’ve been mentally going back and forth in my mind as to the topic of today’s post. In fact, I haven’t even titled it. Maybe you don’t know this but my middle school experience in English class revolved around a topic or quote on the board. We would write what ever we could think on the topic. It wasn’t necessary to write a whole piece on that topic/quote but so long as there was a reference to it somewhere in the thought. Because of this, I’ve always been able to write without much direction/plotting/outlining but I DO require something like.. a title. When I entered into my first NaNo experience, I started Agnus the Beast with that title, and subsequently that character. Also, on a related note, Agnus the Beast is my own character created in Dungeons & Dragons. It was a character that progressed through a campaign setting for Pathfinder called Kingmaker. She was to be the one to run the militia in the end, although the group fell apart after we completed the first book.

Anyways, the last few weeks I’ve struggled to write anything. Articles, Novels, Short Stories I have in mind to submit into competitions. There are a number of reasons for that:

  1. Rival Week – a week long of show matches of professional players in Rocket League. Each day was about 2.5 hours long of moderating sizable chats and watching more of one game than I normally do. I like to be diverse. This is why I exist in many channels on Twitch both as a moderator and as a viewer. Sometimes, I just want to watch relaxing Cities Skylines. Ya know?
  2. RLCS Qualifiers – Pro Rivalry League, a community centered around the fans of Rocket League, was chosen as one of the groups to HOST to qualifiers for RLCS. That meant that as a moderator of PRL and a writer for EloTalk focusing on PRL content, I was part of the massive group of people to moderate a chat of 20k viewers. There were several meetings about the rules surrounding the tournament, asking questions about the bracketed platform, dealing with issues brought forth by players, and training the mods on how to be really good at moderating etc… This occurred over this weekend and now I’m plainly exhausted. It’s 3pm ish and I’m still tired.
  3. Before all of that, I did a movie review for Ex-Machina and the panel did not go as I expected. Nor should it. This was the first time I ended up on a panel of a small press publisher and a published author. Then there’s little ole me. Incidentally, that wasn’t the problem I had after leaving the panel. I walked into the experience with one viewpoint about the message and theme of the movie – in my writing group we’ve been focussed on POV and themes in your work which means I was focussed more on those points than anything. The other two panelists were really on the same page as to a totally different point in the movie. Let it be known that at no point did I feel threatened by a difference of opinion. I respect both of these people. Anyways, what this panel had me thinking about for the rest of the day was more about two ideas. The first being that I’m very tired of seeing the same labels being pushed onto people, for better or worse. The second being that I felt like shit for not being more prepared for that panel. I should have expected the strong opinions – not to battle them – but to not feel so thrown off to the point of not having much to say. I had a zillion thoughts walking into the panel, and I felt like none of it was important given the interpretation and thoughts of the other panelist. We like a difference of opinion on the panel and I had issues bringing myself back to normal when filming. I guess what I’m saying is the rest of the day I was upset with myself for not being better at explaining myself or seeing greater issues. You see, I like to be able to understand as many sides of a story and in this case, I missed the ball.
  4. And perhaps the biggest kick in the ass for me in terms of why I’ve slacked off on writing anything revolves around editing. For EloTalk, I not only write about video games but I edit as well. On one day we had a contributor submit a piece to be edited that was under a time restriction. None of the other editors were able to handle the piece so I grabbed it. I know precious little about this game but it would be terrible to have walked into editing with the mindset of knowing every game out there. If a person writes something that doesn’t even remotely make sense to another gamer, how is it going to make sense to a person who just became interested in the same game? One must still be clear, so I use articles like this to improve my understanding of games. Anyways, I edited the player interview and I asked the others to give it a once over – since I’m still new to the editing game. I was met with what I construed as a scene of a burning village. The format was wrong, the pictures were in the wrong spot, we aren’t allowed to even touch what a person says… To be clear, I checked with another editor about making the answers readable like taking out an ‘and’ and adding a period. Essentially I took it as ‘everything you do is wrong, you arent a journalist, I have to spend hours fixing this now.’ I almost gave up editing and perhaps writing because of this incident. Anyways, after taking a couple days off where I didn’t talk to anyone or write, I managed to do a paragraph or two on my video gaming book. I also spoke to my writing group about the situation and they had lots of thoughts about the experience. We’ll see what happens.

Somehow in all of that, I’ve been considering putting together a weekly newsletter of sorts. My intention is for that to be clips of information but before I set it up, I’d like to have a road map of what to talk about in these newsletters. Now that the crazy few weeks are over, I have to think about article topics for Dreamhack in September, and can focus on what to do for this newsletter. Save me!

Do you ever have this crazy times where all willpower just fades? What do you do for it? Let me know. We’re in this weird world together.

Until next time.



Let’s Talk About Freelancing

Good morning peeps,

Normally I post on Tuesday’s because that’s the days where people tend to leave me alone long enough to write something appreciable. I can think about the weeks’ escapades and come up with something compelling. Alas, yesterday did not provide that luxury. Our electricity was knocked out twice, both times when I was in the middle of doing something, people were trying to get my assistance for a few things, and the new patch for Guild Wars 2 all happened. Once our electricity got knocked out a second time, I was furious. I didn’t sleep much the night before and it’ll take time before the neighbours are finished construction… Needless to say, I was a flaming ball of death. Thankfully, I ended up going out just to be out of the house. This led to dinner at Darcy McGees and some shopping escapades. By the end of the night, all was well – I was in a better mood – though another thing happened after that which scared me. Thankfully, that wasn’t anything bad but the timing just sunk me down. I spent the rest of the evening playing Guild Wars finally.

None of the above has to do with freelancing but this next bit does. Earlier in the week, I slogged through my Rival Replay – a series where I recap the Rocket League tournaments I moderate for. And when I say slogged, I really mean it because I just had no will to write the thing. But I did it anyway. This is an important skill to have, to be able to work on a piece that normally you enjoy but just have a day where you don’t feel like writing. As with blogging or writing novels, there are always going to be times where you just don’t feel like doing anything. I’d like to propose a strange benefit when a person writes when they don’t want to. If you aren’t feeling it, then don’t go writing an epic emotional scene because that’ll feel very flat. Instead, why not take a project you had struggles with before and edit the thing. When finding yourself low on the ground, you will have an easier time ‘killing your darlings’ when you are an emotionless void. A caveat though… make sure to save the original in case to kill too much.

Related to that topic: an article I read on Medium this morning. If you aren’t familiar with Medium, it is a site that you can regularly write on. This site has hundreds of thousands of people who read articles in different categories. I only have one thing posted on there so far but it has a wealth of useful information on all kinds of subjects. Since there is an audience in each category, you can find yourself gaining followers to your blog. Anyways, a lady posted a piece about things she has learned from freelancing. If this is something you are interested in, check out the article. It’s good food for thought.

Hopefully, all of you are having a great week. Are there any particular fields of writing you are most interested in? Drop a comment! Contrary to many writers, I’m an extrovert and enjoy chatting with people.

Until next time.

Lessons of Life

Good morning peeps,

I’ll be honest. It’s been a rough week – rougher than I thought it would be.

On Saturday I was excited to have finished Agnus the Beast. It’s now decent enough to do another round of edits before working on publishing. I thought I’d get ahead of the ball game and start setting up KDP and Goodreads. After realizing that it isn’t as simple as I assumed it to be, I moved on to doing other things. Yes, I am done writing the book but, I don’t have cover art yet, I haven’t done a real edit, etc.. So my amazing writing coach said that perhaps it was slightly too early to poke around setting up accounts. For once, I just wanted to have it set up so that it would be easier for ‘future me’. (It amuses me when my writing peeps say “That’s an issue for future me to deal with.” I kinda like it…) After realizing I needed to do certain things first, I decided that putting the book into Scrivener to compile into Mobi format would help me edit. I read faster on my Kindle than I do on my computer or paper. With that in mind, I put Agnus into the foreign lands of Scrivener. My next task was to divvy up the Chapters officially. I’m basically done this. WOO. By the end of Saturday/Sunday, I was on top of the world. I would be able to work on my Video Gaming book that is mostly complete.

Except that didn’t happen. A real life issue popped up where I’ve been fraught with lack of sleep, little will to eat, and constant worry. Never mind the fact that next door is undergoing construction (they have a permit for this). I had to leave moderating one of our PRL tournaments because of the issue, but at least I had the foresight to know something was wrong. I informed one of the operations guys that I might have to disappear for a bit and then I needed to do just that.

Anyways, I’m not really going to go into details but I will say that I have profound respect for my family. My grandparents are both tough as nails. I mean, I thought I was a tough cookie, but I’d have a really difficult time enduring what both of them have to deal with. My grandparents have always been my pillars, and I know that I’m fortunate enough to still have mine. Many people in my age group don’t get that luxury. My mom and my aunt have been amazing during the last week as well. They’ve checked in on things to make sure everything is going well and they’ve come over to spend time with us. It’s been wonderful. So, the sum total of this week is that everything will be fine. My family members are doing alright with everything. It just scared the crap out of us more than anything, and we’ve been holding up without worrying as much. Even still, I’m amazed at how tough my family is – and that’s a good thing.

My advice this week is, never take anything for granted. Your family will often surprise you when least expected. So, spend your time with family well, if given the option.

On a side note, I finally received my business cards! They look smexy. At some future point I’ll show them off, but right now I have a tonne of things to do! Nothing says you can’t keep yourself busy when trying to keep emotionally stable. Though today is a good day, so I feel like I have this in the bag.

Until next time peeps.

Woes of Freelancing

Good morning peeps,

Today I thought I’d share some words of wisdom with all of you about freelancing. There are days like today where it sucks terribly. You see, I have an account on a couple of websites where you can get freelancing work. Most of these sites are above board and tend not to be the problem. It’s the users that can be scumlords…

When I first signed up to one of these websites, I received a message from a random guy asking me to do a task. He didn’t introduce himself nor why he needed this work done. The man just said “do this for me” without having any sort introductory message. I promptly ignored this scammer for two reasons. 1) You never approach a freelancer without a proper introduction of some kind. If it were a situation of being part of a newsletter, an email back saying first, “I enjoyed your most recent newsletter post because…” Why? It shows your engagement with the writer. Only after that point would we, the freelancer, consider any future offers with you. 2) The guy didn’t have a picture or written profile. If there is no picture or profile of any sort, do not, I repeat, DO NOT blindly accept their offer! This is just common sense.

Someone read an article I did for a website a while back. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a piece or two for her magazine. I did my due diligence and looked at what types of content she produces, what the theme was, how likely it was to be a paying gig, etc… In the end, I responded back with a thank you for the offer and politely declined. With it, I cited my reasons, which basically broke down to the idea that I did not want to come across a person that believes in a particular topic. The woman responded back in the vein of ‘thank you for getting back to me’ and ‘perhaps in the future there will be something you might be interested in’. This kind of interaction left that door open for future projects without being an ass. It’s all about networking folks. Just because one offer doesn’t fit you, doesn’t mean there won’t be better-suited ones later on.

This brings just to the reason I titled this “Woes of Freelancing”. Last night, I thought I hit a boon. One of the websites that I look for freelancing work had a posting right up my alley. It was a request for a video game review. There was no picture. There were no mentions of the company they worked for nor what style of game. Naturally, I asked for the genre and what style of review they required (professional more neutral toned or with humour that gamers would appreciate). The ’employer’ reached out to me within 20 minutes. I found out the ‘new’ game that required a review, and the process needed to be completed in order to do so. This gave me a zillion red flags.

  1. The guy had no picture.
  2. He had the last name of Smith (I’m usually skeptical of such a generic name).
  3. The review is for a game I’m already playing (therefore NOT NEW).
  4. He hasn’t said what games journal he writes for.
  5. I shouldn’t need to make a new account in order to play.
  6. The posting said that people who bid on the project don’t need to have video game experience.

If none of that brings up red flags to you, let me explain why freelancers ALWAYS need to check things before taking on jobs.

  1. The game Warframe has been out for years as a free to play first person shooter. It is developed by Digital Extremes which is located in Ontario Canada. The developers JUST launched a new frame a few days ago (meaning they aren’t working on something new just yet). Because I know all of this, I knew that the link provided in the email was likely to be a redirect. Also, unless it was for new paid DLC content or a whole new version of the game, it would have been specified in the post! Since this person neither works for DE nor has shown any sort of credibility, it raised flag number one.
  2. I searched for the guy and his potential games journal. Since I have safe search off, I saw a number of websites that have no affiliation with the game or its developers. There were a number of porn sites that came up when I typed in “Warframe, game reviews, ‘persons name.'” Flag number two is glaringly obvious.
  3. The employer only has email verified and nothing written in his profile about what he does, what his skills are, or anything. He has no portfolio. If the person doesn’t provide some sort of information about themselves, that’s a good reason to be skeptical.

Needless to say, I retracted my bid, but I’m furious. While Warframe has elements that just outright anger me (like there is no tutorial in the game. So when I first started playing, I almost threw my computer out the window because I had no idea what I was doing.), the game has lots of potential. If Digital Extremes wants feedback on their game, I can tell them what I do and don’t like about Warframe. And I can do this in a manner that is well thought out and respectful. Seeing as I do write for games media, I make it a point to write articles from both sides of the fence. If any of you read my review of Secret World Legends you’d know that I like the new changes. If you went to see the reviews on the Steam page, you’ll see many people did not. That said, in my review, I talked about reasons why Funcom took the new direction, while still talking about the flaws it still has. Therefore, I’m not going to write some 1000 word review on a game that is already out, to a schmuck in Croatia who seems to have no affiliation to Digital Extremes or games media. I have more respect for video games than that guy.

So peeps, if you freelance remember some key points so that you don’t get stuck in a bind.

  • Always follow up with the people
  • Ask questions to protect yourself
  • Do your due diligence
  • Don’t automatically trust everything that comes your way. Err on the side of caution. This is the internet after all.
  • Don’t be sheep. Report the assholes.

That’s all I have for you peeps today. Be awesome and I’ll talk to you next week!

Also, Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy Independence Day Americans.


Performance, Games, and Groups

Good afternoon peeps!

It’s been quite the week. I helped with a performance, wrote a bunch, grabbed a few games from Steam, and now I’m waiting for Secret World Legends to finish patching. This game is amazing XD (It’s also free to play).

For the performance this past week, it was a family member singing on stage in front of paying people at Centrepoint Theatre. It was lovely. I controlled the SlideShow presentation which was a last minute decision. All went well! Nothing exploded XD *cackles* Being behind the scenes at a show in the audio and lighting booth was different and I found that the people at the theatre are lovely. I might have convinced a person to come to Can*Con this year because he was reading an Erikson book 😀

Then, I had an exciting two days with my Aunt. To put that into perspective, my Aunt is a busy lady and we’ve never had much of an opportunity to get together and talk, laugh, and just be crazy together. I bought more tea that day. We had lunch. We laughed and joked around with the Rogers guy. We also watched Hidden Figures. I love that movie. Well done. I swear, everything Octavia Spencer is in, I enjoy. All in all, that was a great couple of days.

My brother bought me Natural Disasters for Cities Skylines. This game is obviously a city builder with the intensity dialed up. I love it. You can zoom in and look at the pretty houses anytime. Very cute. I also suck at city design. Trust me. I’ll tell you!

Yesterday was a lovely day out with my writing coach and another member of the group. It was fun! We had a drink and chatted for a couple of hours about writing things. Kevin asked me all kinds of questions about something I was struggling with and it has helped. He’s full of amazing words of wisdom. Again, I can’t stress enough how awesome it is to be part of a writing group that helps facilitate growth. The time together was sadly short but worth it.

Then all day yesterday when I wasn’t out, I was playing Secret World Legends. It’s an MMO styled game, kinda tame horroresque, and uses real world knowledge to get through some of the puzzles. It’s also free to play, though it’s a 20 gig download. Of course, since I played the original version of this, some of the puzzles I just remember. I’m also playing Illuminati because they are awesome. KG, the woman who is in charge of the Illuminati, is hilarious to me. So that’s a thing. You can also play a Templar or a Dragon. Watch some trailers or something… It’s a good time.

Anyways, that’s your update for the week! I must play moreeeeee. And next post I’ll let you know how editing for EloTalk is going 🙂

Until next time peeps!

Image belongs to Funcom. The woman in the picture is KG.

Movie Review: Dirty Dancing 2017

Good afternoon peeps!

This week has been ridiculously busy. I volunteered for C.O.N. last weekend, wrote some more in my novel, wrote a lengthy article of E3 for EloTalk, did a book review, and did an interview with someone big in gaming. I felt like I could do more but I digress… If you were curious as to why I didn’t get this done on Tuesday well, most of that would be the reason. On top of everything, we hit our data limit for internet yesterday. This does not impress us >.> Hopefully I can look into that soon otherwise things are going to be tough. I might not be online as much just so you’re aware. Also, for those of you that don’t know, my phone is sketchy at best. I’m in talks with people about a new phone but the timing of everything is just frustrating. Though none of this has anything to do with the movie review.

I decided that this post I’d do something a little different like a review because why not? I like movies and I felt that this one provided a good reason to talk about it. If you don’t want Dirty Dancing 2017 spoiled then don’t read from this point on. I plan to be a bit detailed.. Although if it IS a spoiler then clearly you’ve never watched the original.. Much of this movie was a copy/paste version with different characters, somewhat updated music (I stress SOMEWHAT), and bad acting.

First let me begin by saying I’m normally not too picky about movies. So when I reached the end of the movie and I still wondered why I went through it, that’s a bad sign.

Let’s talk acting. Most of the people did poorly. As much as I enjoyed Twilight and Kirsten Stewart in her role, I have to compare what most people view of her acting to the blandness of Baby. She fit the role as the wet behind the ears kind of character but honestly I did not connect with her like I did with Jennifer Grey’s portrayal of Baby. Hopefully that would lead to her counter part picking up the slack but he didn’t. The actor looked more like he fit into a story like The Outsiders. This guy is meant to be the legacy of Patrick Swayze who had all of the pizzazz and life exude from him. Unfortunately this actor I didn’t connect with in any way. Yes he’s a bit of an asshole but this guy ended up being the most emotionless human of the whole movie.

My grandmother pointed out that between the two sisters, Baby’s sister looked like she was the younger one. I understand that the sister is meant to be the more classy one, wanting to get married, caring about make up, and all the ‘girly’ things, but she just didn’t quite work. I tried to justify that the character was alright just because she physically looked younger, but I tend to agree with her in the end. That said, I felt that the connection between the two of them was the most likable thing of the whole movie. There are a couple of parts that were added in this version that did not appear in the original. Hollywood decided to wrap up a couple of things that the old version did not bother with. This made the movie a bit longer than the original but I found myself enjoying the extra bits.

Okay lets get on to the big failure of the movie. The dancing. For a dancing movie, this better be top notch, and while the first routine was technically sound, the rest of it was pure garbage. In fact, I believed Baby’s dancing infinitely more with the improvement of her skill throughout the movie than anyone else.

The dirty dancing bits of the movie were just.. bleh. Most of the original actors were very good at this part. There was enthusiasm, super flexibility, and an all out understanding of why this would have been risky behaviour at that time (keep in mind this movie is set in the 70s. Movies didn’t have zillions of sex scenes like they do today.)

Johnny’s dancing was the worst of them all. He threw in an amusing Elvis style move in there which made me smile, but you could tell this actor is not a dancer in anyway. He had no connection to his partner nor to dancing and that really showed. He was as bland as cardboard and was not flexible. Please note that I was not expecting him to live up to Patrick Swayze because he was on a whole other level of amazing. I expected this guy to at least PRETEND that he was having a good time dancing. You know? It’s kinda the whole point of ACTING! /me rages.

One would think that as a dancing movie, and after all the amazing dance movies that are out there, that this would be passable. Dirty Dancing 2017 was terrible in my opinion and it really needed a lot more work before being aired. I found myself wondering if any of the actors actually sang or if all of that was a voice over, because some of it seemed like they did well and some of it was clearly added over.

If you want to watch Dirty Dancing, honestly watch the original version because it was infinitely better.

That’s all I have for you today peeps!

Be awesome!

Grad, Reunion, and More!

Good Morning peeps,

This may be a little long so bear with me for a bit because I want to share the exciting week I’ve had with all of you.

First, we start with the graduation. Many of you may not know that a couple of years ago I went back to school for the first time since High School. At first, my original intention was to take Legal Assistant because I wanted to do office work. Part of the issue I always struggled with living in my home city is that many jobs, even your minimum wage jobs, require you to have French. Often while they aren’t asking for that as a mandatory ability, people who are bilingual would be chosen over a unilingual person. If I had a college education, perhaps I could step over that nagging little issue… Anyways, at the time the Law Society of Upper Canada changed their rules so both the Legal Assist Program and Paralegal needed to update. The problem was that there were only two of us that enrolled in Legal Assistant. It meant that I either took a different program or went up to Paralegal where I’d be overqualified for what I wanted.

After a few months of being in the program, I ended up in a relationship with a person in the Netherlands. This lead me to take a trip to Europe for a week and a bit while I was in school. I first checked to make sure that it would be okay – that I wouldn’t have to be there for one part which required field trips and the like… So I went to Europe. And due to weird circumstances, I finished the program, minus that one week, and then moved twice. I had inevitably forgotten about the things that still needed to be done to graduate. My lovely instructor told me about the next night class where I could do the last week needed to graduate. In between packing, fretting over moving vehicles, finding a place to go, and probably the worst couple of months of my life, I finished my course.

I proudly graduated with people I didn’t know on Wednesday night. It was a long ceremony and even though certain things about it bothered the hell out of me, I felt proud that I finally did something good in my life. I just wish that people had enough sense to calm down that screaming child so that the graduates could enjoy and HEAR the keynote speaker. You won’t know this but the keynote speaker was a woman who had been talked highly of all through my course. She is a licenced Paralegal that started a group for new Paralegals to talk ‘shop’, network, and learn the inner workings of field work. Many of us looked up to Crystal Cote because she was so highly regarded amongst my peers and instructors. I wanted to really hear her speech but in the end, I was too distracted by the screaming abomination… Not only that but I was forcing down my reaction pretty hard. I was fighting the urge to run out the room. I can’t deal with screaming little ones.


DSC00118 - Copy

Me – Paralegal Graduate 2017


The next day was busy because of another webinar I signed up for. It was 3 Creative Ways to Make Money Off Your Art put on by Jeff Goins who just released his book Real Artists Don’t Starve. I’ve already pre-ordered the book and it’s shipping early next week. I couldn’t be happier 😀 This book will hopefully help find more writing work or give me ideas to kick start myself. Anyways, Jeff Goins is a person that is really interesting and inspiring. I’ve been a viewer of his webinars before and it is the impression I get (cue cheesy song that is awesome). He’s pretty down to earth from what I can tell.

Saturday was terrifying for several reasons. Our book club meeting happened and I wasn’t that far into the book. It didn’t help that I only had the book in my possession for a couple of days. That wouldn’t have been an issue if it wasn’t for things like Grad to take up time 😉 However, later that evening I went to the CFlats 20 year Reunion Show. I was excited because I knew two of my favourite people would be performing. After purchasing the ticket, I looked at the list of CFlat members from all the years – including my year – and saw names of people I detested from back then. Panic set in. It’s been 20 years and I feel like my life would never compare to everyone else that could show up. I live a life that many people just do not understand – nor should they – but I have always felt like I hadn’t accomplished all that much. And here is this sheet of paper containing names of people I didn’t really want to see.

Fortunately for me, most of the people I hated in high school were not actually there. But the panic wasn’t over yet… After a few technical difficulties and a late start to the show, one of my friends did a solo. At one point, he came over to me so that I could sing a bit into the mic. EEEEEPP. I blanked out and felt a little embarrassed. I forgot the lyrics at that moment… But I love singing anyways. That said, he was wonderful and said to the crowd that I’ve been to every one of his shows – which is true by the way. He currently lives in California and I want him to succeed. I think he’ll have a truly successful career once he gains enough traction. In case you are wondering, his name is Jeremy Merrick, and one of his tracks can be found on Spotify. I can’t find the music anywhere else to link to which is a shame because he’s got some good stuff. This needs to be rectified.

The next couple of days were just busy writing and not a lot happened until yesterday when my family and I went to see Wonder Woman. I’m not spoiling anything here but suffice it to say, I loved it. That said, there was something we were talking about in our writing group calls that I watched unfold while watching the movie. Anyways, it had amusing parts, kick-ass combat scenes, and moments where I laughed and said, “I totally do that.” I suppose that means I’m secretly Wonder Woman? *cackles*

So! I’ve had quite an exciting week, how about you guys? What are you up to lately? Do you have interesting books to recommend? Blogs I should take a look at? Perhaps you know of a place that is looking for more writers? Let me know! I’d love to get a dialogue going with all of you 🙂

Until next time!