Fiction Works

Agnus the Beast
(Beta Reading)
Agnus the Beast is no ordinary dwarf. She’s an adventurer by trade who was given the title of “The Beast” because of her unrelenting ability to kill her foes. One day she’s visited by someone unexpected – a mouse – which leads to greater problems. After taking the mission to dispense with the threat in the neighbouring city of Peryn, she gets roped into a vicious plot by some imps – evil descendants of devilkin. These creatures are known for trading in souls and they use this to force Agnus into a mission that she doesn’t want. Will she be successful in this mission? And will she be able to spot the greater plot threatening to reach her doorstep or will everything fall apart?

Rise of the Vampires
(Zero Draft)
Sarasol runs for her life when she can’t recall why she’s trapped in a room. Meanwhile, the vampires are dying off from something they have no cure. Then Drayk tracks Sarasol to Las Vegas, where she has run, to discover that she doesn’t want to return to Germany. Will he be able to convince her to save their kind or will she let them die off?

Non-Fiction Works

The Video Game Industry
(Currently Writing)
This eBook discusses the video gaming industry from how to begin streaming to potential careers and everything in between. Those that are serious about gaming as a profession will need to read this book!